Our EcoBlox prints address the environmental issues of Canvas & plastic based board products. Wooden framed canvases are actually woven polyester (plastic), and newly felled timber (trees). EcoBlox are digitally engineered cardboard (recycled paper) to replicate a canvas or photo block, with superior results.

A lightweight eco-friendly board, perfect for point-of-sale prints, with a smooth matt surface on the print side, perfect for art prints like ours, requiring high definition reproduction.

Unique to Kookyzoo, EcoBlox use the UK’s first 7 colour UV curing printer (includes light cyan, magenta & grey, plus industry standard 4 colour CYMK), giving unrivalled realism to subtle tones, which all blend perfectly with our artwork, ensuring an accurate vibrancy & rich depth of colour. 

The organic inks are highly durable, both inside & outside, avoiding lamination in nearly all but the most extreme conditions. The eco-boards have digitally cut V grooves from the rear to facilitate precise folding at 90-degrees, for clean precise corners in 3 dimensions.

The print sides are folded with precision to form a 3-dimensional block with a depth of 2cm or 4cm. Extra folds on the back corners of the edges maintain structural strength, with an even, flat surface; this also allows the printed edges to seamlessly wrap around the back, thus avoiding any white edges. Finally, for total rigidity, the board is glued with internal corner reinforcements.

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Recycled hand painted art at it's finest


Place an order for any piece of artwork via our catalogue, feel-free to mix & match different print sizes with different images, and also vary the quantities of each - Ultimately any combination of EcoBlox are treated as one wholesale order.

Please Note - our printed EcoBlox are available at wholesale prices only. Please get in touch via our CONTACT PAGE to obtain prices and to become a stockist.

All printed EcoBlox get a bespoke-sized transit box with a snug & safe fit. The EcoBlox are securely positioned inside, covered by a crumple zone layer for maximum protection. The tailored boxes are made from 100% recycled cardboard & are themselves recyclable. No plastic bubble-wrap or polystyrene is used with our eco-friendly packaging solution.

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